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The Experience Of Weston Acupuncture Treatment

By Sharon Bennett

There are complex diseases that medics often have to deal with when handling patients. Some are new, and therefore no research has been done on them. Others have been there for a while, but they are still a nuisance. Research is constantly carried out so that solutions can be provided. The following information describes the process of Weston acupuncture treatment.

Consultation with the medical practitioner. This is a time for exchange between the doctor and the patient. One can ask all questions about the procedure to find out if it is something worthwhile. The doctor will also have questions, especially to find out about the health status of the person. This is followed by a physical examination, which will determine the points that the individual will work with.

Sterilization of equipment. This prevents infection by getting rid of bacteria and any other causative elements. Once sterilized, they need to be stored appropriately until they can be used. The working environment should be clean as well because dirt can easily transfer to unwanted regions. The individual working on the patient needs to ensure that they have clean hands.

Patient preparation. The individual is asked to dress in loose clothing in case the attire they have on will not make work easier. Some are just asked to loosen their clothing to allow access to the problem areas. The person then lies down appropriately as per the instruction of the doctor. Those who lie on their stomachs may need their back worked as required.

Insertion of appropriate tools. Fine needles are inserted into the pressure points of working area. They are placed at various levels. The experience is practically painless. However, the deeper the needles get into the body, the more the pain nerves start to react. That slight pain means that the items are at the right point and will, therefore, be effective.

Manipulate the needles. They are not just meant to stick out of the skin, moving them around is what makes the therapy worthwhile. These experts have a number of techniques to choose from. The tool can be placed into the skin, twirled gently and then removed at a fast pace. The same thing can be done but now the removal process will be done at a slow pace. Each of these methods is to achieve different results.

The acupuncture tools are then removed. This is done after about half an hour. The process is painless as long as it is done well. At times, the tool can be stuck depending on the muscles in the area or the manipulation method that was used. A massage on this point can loosen tight muscles hence releasing the stuck item. All this while the patient needs to maintain a relaxed position.

Assessment of the results. Acupuncture is not the kind of treatment in which the effect is seen in a short time. Patients need to be patient for some time before making conclusions. In less than a month, most people note that their problem areas are slowly going away. Those who try acupuncture a couple of times and do not benefit from it, need to consider other forms of treatment.

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