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The Best Natural Arthritis Pain Relief For Dogs

By Patrick Lewis

Both humans and dogs have problems with their joints. Arthritis pains are intensive and really uncomfortable, and you would probably want to do anything to help your loyal friend. Animals that have a few pounds too many often have such issues, especially when they come to certain age. There are different types of natural arthritis pain relief for dogs, and here are just some of those remedies.

Different supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate with MSM are highly efficient when it comes to arthritis pains. Glucosamine will bring pain relief, while other compounds have strong anti-inflammatory effect. Your goal is not only to bring instant relief from pain, but also to heal damaged joints as much as it is possible. If you don't have a good vet, you should find one.

Maybe it looks cute, but these few extra pounds can make your dog's pains worst. Less weight would relieve the pressure from his joints. Supplements containing Omega 3 amino acids will make a great difference, and they can even make your dog's coat shinier. They will reduce the inflammation and ease the pain as well. They have the ability to lubricate the joint.

There are some other supplements you can use to help the poor animal. For example, different anti oxidants and enzymes will improve his health condition and have beneficial effect on his immune system. Anti oxidants play important role in keeping the organism healthy and strong. There are some other plants that can be highly useful, for example cherry. It contains flavonoids that are great for joint connective structures.

Turmeric is another great plant that can be used in fighting arthritis, both in human and dogs. This lovely plant promotes joint comfort and mobility. Massage with essential oils can be equally pleasant and beneficial for dogs as they are for people, and it won't take you too much time to make your pet's life easier. Make sure your pet has a soft pillow to sleep on, this will also ease his pains.

Swimming i warm water might also be a very good idea. You might find such treatments for dogs in your neighborhood, or take your pet for a swim somewhere, if you can arrange it. It could be very good for him, because it is much easier to move when in water, and this is one really good training for any dog, or any person suffering from arthritis.

Acupuncture is another idea you might find really useful. It is proven that acupuncture treatment bring relief from arthritis pains, but they can also promote blood circulation in the area surrounding the joint, and this might provide long-term effects, strengthening the tissues that support this painful part. It takes a few weeks to get the first good results, but it is worth it.

Gentle massage, slow walks, swimming, acupuncture and good nutrition are all important in this process. Different supplements can also be highly beneficial. It is proven that most supplements used by people can be useful for animals as well. But, you shouldn't give such supplements to your pet without consulting your vet first. Expert vet should calculate the appropriate doses for each animal.

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