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Dos And Don'ts Of Wheelchair Exercises

By Anthony Meyer

Being physically disable and rely on a wheelchair means you're unable to perform routine activities as normal people would do. At the same time, it does not restrict you from staying active provided, you're willing to do some wheelchair exercises either in a group or solely on your own depending on your personal preferences.

Regardless of whether you're more inclined towards cardio or weightlifting, there are a lot of various activities that you can undoubtedly do while sitting on your wheelchair so don't see yourself as a risk. When you build up a decent exercise schedule, you will like yourself and won't feel cripple any more. There are loads of various advantages that you increase out of the entire procedure.

One of the biggest gains is that you feel more active as compared to before which alleviates your mood swings and you do not feel depressed any longer. Your joint muscles are strengthened to a great extent which is a good sign as it increases your endurance as well. You become more rigid and strong which gives you a lot of confidence.

You can burn a good amount of calories whilst sitting down in a chair. Its all about choosing the right type of routine and then start working on it so that you become perfect and gain enough confidence to ignore your disability that has always stopped you from dreaming big.

Always start off with shorter sessions and then gradually increase the time in order to be able to build your stamina. Once you reach your optimum level then all you have to do is to keep up with it and do it regularly because any gaps in between means you will have to start all over again. Warm up your body before every single session so that fatigue and tiredness do not take over your body afterwards.

If your upper body is strong, then even weightlifting is something that you could think of doing whilst in your wheelchair. You could do free weights or use other weight machines and do it in your preferred setting. There are some good gyms that have special equipment for those who have certain disabilities. Nothing should stop you from doing what you love to do even if its weightlifting.

Another form of exercise that is regarded as pretty useful in strengthening your body and muscles is aerobics. You can do aerobics whilst sitting and the moves are pretty simple to do not complicated at all so you will thoroughly enjoy the whole experience. The session usually lasts for about half an hour to forty minutes but its worth doing it.

To achieve your goal keep on motivating yourself whilst watching useful content on the internet. It all depends on your personal motivational level that whether you want to achieve success in life or not. No one can change your life if you're not willing enough to bring about any positive changes in your daily routine.

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