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Tips In Buying Loose Leaf Tea Blends

By Brenda Olson

If you are new into loose leaf tea, this article is perfect for you. There are many reasons why individuals are into this, either one is switching from coffee to this or you plan or replacing those tea bags for this. The good thing about it is, many healthy and taste benefits are found on it.

Those that are in tea bags which are sold in stores are mostly manufactured in large batches. You have to be careful with those since they are stored for too long, the taste and its effectiveness is no longer that great. Loose leaf tea blends are surely fresh since they are not bagged when produced.

Know what qualities to look for. Tea is very diverse which means there are a lot of options for you to choose from. Know if you want those stronger ones, the classic green tea, or the black kind. The same goes for the aroma, starting from flora scented to fruity scents like strawberry and melon.

You save some money. Unlike those in bags wherein you can only use it ones and have to throw them out afterward, this on the other hand can be re steep again for several times. That is how you can save money from it. It may cost more than the usual ones but since it can be use more than twice, it is more money worthy.

For newbies, surely you do not know that there are different variations of loose leaf. Black, green, herbal, and oolong. Different type means different taste and flavors too. The health benefits you get from it are also not the same. It depends on what you like on whom to go for. But, if you are into strong ones, the black one is what you need to pick.

Read reviews. Before you decide on what company to purchase from, reading reviews is what you should do first. This way, you know which company is popular among people. You will know if that certain manufacturer is good when many are recommending to go for it unlike any other brands.

White is the fineness and lightest of all the varieties. The caffeine on it is very little only which is the reason why it does not have a strong flavor. This is great when you just want to refresh itself since the taste of this is very refreshing. This can be iced too which is pretty delicious by the way.

Oolong is also a Chinese variety. This is similar to green tea on different aspects. The flavor is sweet in which sweet lovers are going to love it. Antioxidant is also present in oolong. Similar to green, it helps weight loss, and even reduce the possible risk in hearth diseases and cancer as well.

With this, you are going to be an expert on what to choose and what not. So, the next time you already have an idea on what you should be buying and what brand should it be. Remember, go for the tea that suits your taste and preference not just because somebody recommended it to you.

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