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PEMF Treatment For Cats & The Ways To Prevent Diabetes

By Robin Setser

When it comes to medical conditions in cats, feline diabetes is among the most serious. Cats with this medical condition cannot produce enough insulin in their body to regulate their blood sugar levels, which can become hazardous without the right medical care. What should a pet owner know about diabetes? The following information regarding said condition, as well as the potential implementation of PEMF therapy for cats, may prove worthwhile.

According to companies such as Assisi Animal Health, there are numerous reasons why a cat may develop diabetes. This can occur as a result of weight, which varies from one feline to the next. If a cat is born with the risk of obesity, which tends to be genetic, their chances of developing diabetes later down the road are greater. This is just one of many potential causes that pet owners should be aware of.

In order to reduce a cat's risk of diabetes, certain precautions should be taken. To make your pet's quality of life as great as possible, you might want to consider pain relief methods. Some are more effective than others, which is where PEMF therapy for cats comes into play. The fact that this can reduce discomfort without the need for surgery is remarkable, so it's easy to see why veterinarians would recommend it.

A change in diet can help to prevent the onset of diabetes in cats. Not only should you avoid overfeeding your pet, but you must give them the right food to support a robust diet. For example, you should be wary of any cat food that has large amounts of carbohydrates, as felines cannot handle such volumes without becoming ill in the long term. Ask your vet if they have any suggestions regarding food.

If you're serious about reducing the risk of diabetes in your cat, exercise plays a major role. Any veterinarian will tell you that a cat needs about 10 minutes of exercise each day, at the minimum, in order to stay in good shape. Pet owners should encourage this by playing with their cats, ensuring that they get the workout they need. It also doesn't hurt that this will result in quality time that would have been missed otherwise.

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