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How To Choose Between Electrolysis And Laser Permanent Hair Removal Treatment GA

By Amy Ellis

Electrolysis and laser treatments are the best to consider when seeking permanent hair removal. Other techniques such as waxing and threading will only leave you free of unwanted hair for a few weeks. If you want more permanent results and lesser side effects, it will be crucial for you to educate yourself about these two main options. If you need permanent hair removal treatment GA could offer you a decent number of top rated aestheticians.

Understanding the deal being offered by both laser and electrolysis treatments is important. Both options are great and you simply need to choose what you are comfortable with. The first question you should answer is how much hair you need to remove. If you want treatment for large areas such as the back or chest, then laser technology would be ideal.

Electrolysis is on the other hand the ideal treatment method to consider when trying to get rid of hair that is lower in density. This method would also come in handy when treating hidden areas like inside the nose and the ears. Your expert will treat every single follicle separately. The method is remarkably cheaper, especially when compared to laser.

You may also want to consider the color of your skin and tresses. Laser technology relies on the equipment being able to trace dark pigments and hence those with red or blond curls may find treatments to be less effective. You may also not find the outcome to be satisfactory if your skin tone is darker than or just as dark as your hair.

Additionally, candidates for laser should keep off direct sunlight for at least six weeks. If you work outdoors or you cannot resist spending time at the beach while tanning your skin, then maybe you should consider electrolysis. This will be the safer and most practical option. A competent aesthetician will provide the needful advise before you are scheduled for laser treatments.

What makes laser technology highly preferred is that it is completely non-invasive. A special light is used to penetrate your skin, though no damage is done on your skin surface. It is therefore ideal for people who are scared of needles. If you choose electrolysis, you should beware that the process will require the insertion of a probe. Then again laser treatments have lesser side effects and get scabs or reddened areas.

It is hard to talk about permanent hair removal treatments without mentioning how permanent the outcome will be. Laser will only stunt the growth of curls or delay it for months or a year on tops. If you are in search of more permanent results, then perhaps you should just choose the electrolysis alternative.

Irrespective of the method you choose, finding a proficient aesthetician will be of key importance. The ideal professional will be skilled enough to provide outstanding services. He or she will also bother to dispense adequate information about the alternatives that you may consider. Any expert that is worth the salt will be licensed, experienced and well-reviewed by recent customers. Before booking an appointment, check out the before and after images of recent customers.

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